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In times of conflict, fear, and uncertainty, what grounds us?

In their new collection Lifelines, Author Melanie Rose Huff and artist Traci Manley gracefully weave tightropes, roots, ribbons, and webs in a haunting exploration of hope.

A Phantasmagoria




A sequence of real or imagined images like that seen in a dream.

–The Oxford English Dictionary


This book is a compendium of moments, a gallery of dreams, a collection of snapshots from reality and fairyland and the misty lands between.


Welcome to the Phantasmagoria.


Illustrations and cover design by Traci Manley.

A Phantasmagoria is a 2018 BRAG Medallion honoree!

By Water And Blood

Five years ago, Sophie Durrant surprised herself and her friends by dropping out of college and taking a job as a bartender on a tiny island at the end of the world, knowing only that for once in her life she felt that she was home.


Now, a cryptic note in her mother's handwriting leads Sophie to delve into the mystery of her past, a mystery which points to the old legend of the Selkies: the seals who could set aside their skins and walk on land as men and women.


Her heritage calls to her, by water and blood.


...but there are other secrets, darker than any legend, and their keepers are not forgiving.


By Water and Blood has been chosen as an finalist in the 2014 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards!

Violet Shadows

She entered Nazi-occupied France in the summer of 1943, seeking only a worthy death in the service of a noble cause. She did not expect that her quest for death would, in the end, teach her how to live.​

Violet Shadows was chosen as the novella category winner for the 2013

Next Generation Indie Book Awards.​

"Melanie Rose delivers, once again...and writes prose as if playing classical music." ​​

Katherine Owen, Author of Seeing Julia, Not To Us, and When I See You




Seventeen year old Anna is a naive American orphan, delighted to find herself on a tour of Europe in the spring of 1939.  Then, WWII shatters the world.  As fathers and sons, husbands and brothers dive grimly into the trenches, Anna is left stranded in England.  However, this worldwide catastrophe may be the perfect catalyst to mature Anna into the brave young woman she longs to be.  Even as the world is shadowed with disaster, Anna finds friends in the kindly Bertram family. In the midst of all that threatens to tear her world apart, will she find a place to truly belong?​

Ashford was awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion in 2012.

"The author describes every day people and nature with a certain magic which brings innocence and lightheartedness to a story that is not untouched by tragedy."​​​​​​​​​

​​​ reviewer Dabbler217​​



An Amazing Alphabetic Anthology

If you like boring and unimaginative things, this book is not for you. If the thought of "dramatic dancing ducklings" makes you queasy, and evokes no feelings of curiosity or amusement, put this book down and walk away. However, if the mention of "flabbergasted flamingos" makes you smile, and you would love to "walk willowy woodland ways winding westward," then open this book and enjoy.

Though An Amazing Alphabetic Anthology contains some difficult words, the definitions and pronunciations are provided on the left-hand pages. This is a book for word-lovers of all ages, and has been enjoyed equally by five to fifty-year-olds.

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